Media Tenor partners with research institutes, universities and foundations in conducting studies relevant to the development of journalism and media in the service of public interest. Some of our most recent projects are listed. Projects open for cooperationcan also be found below.

Projects concluded recently

Israel - Lebanon Conflict 2006

Covering wars is the greatest of all journalistic challenges: in the face of heightened emotional tensions and limited access to those responsible, it is as difficult to adopt a neutral position as it is to present both perspectives on a conflict. The question of the study at hand was whether or not, in the period between July 21st and August 3rd, 2006, international TV programs gave their audiences a chance to form their own opinion on the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah. Media Tenor analyzed 27 International TV networks including BBC, ABC; NBC; CBS; FOX, ZDF; ARD; Al Jazeera, Al Arabiyah, Al Alam, Nile News, SABC, and E TV second by second, issue by issue. . In addition, Media Tenor looked at the long-term trends of coverage on the Middle East in order to put it into perspective and to see whether or not it has changed.

A 50-page report is available for purchase.

2004 U.S. Elections

Media Tenor monitored and analyzed the coverage of the U.S. Elections on a daily basis with the aim of highlighting trends and tendencies in the reporting of U.S. media, broadcast news programs in particular. The complete set of data, with the results from the analysis of leading U.S. media from January to November, is available for purchase to anyone interested in how the media covered and influenced the developments and final outcome of the 2004 campaigns. Journalists interested in the data for news stories can request access by email.

South African Elections

The purpose of this project was to analyze the role the South African media played in the run-up to the national elections of April 14th, 2004, in particular it’s the coverage of South African political parties and the national elections. Media Tenor highlighted general trends and perceptions displayed by the selected set of South African media.

Media coverage of the war in Iraq

Media Tenor analyzed TV reports on the Iraq war in Germany, the U.S., Britain, the Czech Republic, and South Africa. The study highlights media coverage of subjects like journalists' working conditions in Iraq, the share of visibility of foreign correspondents, the overall share of media coverage of all protagonists (e.g. Iraqi vs. Allied), consequences of the war, ratings of U.S. military actions, coverage of George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein, coverage of Iraqi and Allied casualties, the legitimacy of the war, and the UN.

A 50-page report is available for purchase.

European-Identity Cultural Caravan

From April 4th to 11th, 2004, the European-Identity Cultural Caravan travelled through five of the 10 countries joining the European Union on May 1st, 2004. The Caravan was an opportunity to bring 200 civic leaders, businessmen, entrepreneurs, artists, and journalists together on a unique train tour through the accession countries, in order to stimulate thinking and conversation on European identity issues such as leadership, governance, environmental sustainability, and media.

The Caravan's ideas and proposals were printed in a book that was given to representatives of the European Commission on April 28th. More information can be found at:

Projects open for cooperation

Media Tenor welcomes organizations' requests and inquiries about partnerships for future studies. Studies below are open for cooperation. For more information, please contact us.


The media's role in contributing to educational efforts, public awareness, and political consideration of the international AIDS crisis is immeasurable. Media Tenor is dedicated to monitoring AIDS coverage in the leading international print and broadcast media in order to provide a resource for media professionals and others interested in bringing the AIDS crisis to the forefront of global awareness and initiative. Media Tenor looks for universities and organizations interested in collaboration to expand this project.

Public Diplomacy

Media Tenor has studied the influence of media in international business and political affairs in diverse topics including the role of new EU countries among the "old" members of the EU; anti-Americanism in Europe, Asia and Middle East; Anti-Islam and Anti-Arab sentiment in Europe and the US; the images of the cities runing to host special events like the Olympic Games and the image of the former East Germany in German media. Organizations interested in cooperating in these projects are encouraged to suggest new studies.

Media coverage and influence in business

Media Tenor has developed extensive research on long-term indicators of corporate image, monitoring developments in the coverage of certain industries, individual companies, and their CEOs. Organizations interested in researching subjects such as the influence of media coverage on investor and consumer behaviour, analysts' quotes in the media and their effects on stock prices, media coverage of certain industries, and others, are encouraged to contact our researchers.

Improving journalism

Media Tenor's methodology permits a detailed and accurate analysis of the complete body of coverage in each medium, as well as comparisons between various media outlets to identify differences in the coverage of a variety of subjects. Which media are presenting the public with a diverse set of news, a variety of angles, and objective reporting? How can the work of the media be improved with the help of long-term content analysis? Media Tenor invites journalism schools, media organizations, and foundations to collaborate on this project.

Media diversity

Media Tenor has analyzed coverage related to gender in the news in different countries, as well as coverage related to racial or ethnic groups, highlighting trends in the coverage of each respective group, some of which may help to shape or reinforce existing stereotypes. Our research thus serves as a powerful advocacy tool for promoting equal opportunity and visibility, and for more diverse coverage and a more diverse newsroom as well. NGOs, universities, and business associations are encouraged to contact Media Tenor with their ideas for related research projects.

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